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What is Fialer?

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Fialer is a new standalone drop in dialer replacement app that will become the fastest and easiest way to utilize dialer codes to switch networks for Google Fi users! With Fialer there is no need to be rooted or enable Accessibility. A stripped-down, straightforward way to switch between cell carriers, do a SIM switch, and more! We’ve even included descriptions of each dialer code for you within the app, so you always have the information you need. And don't worry, even though Fialer will be your phone's official dialer, we have added some special magic to Fialer that will allow you to continue to use your existing dialer just like you always have!

Not only will Fialer make your switching easier, it also allows for....wait for it.....executing dialer codes in the background. What this means is that your favorite apps have more control over when they will switch your network or run a repair code or whatever else you want! Do you want to be on T-Mobile at work but Sprint at home, do you want to be on US Cellular in the morning but on Auto during the evenings? All this is possible now!

Developers can contact us at to request an integration guide.

Fialer comes in 2 versions, the normal version available to everyone as a paid app that is currently in public beta for the introductory price of $1!!!! Since we are partial to all our Signal Spy Pro users we also are releasing a Signal Spy Edition of Fialer that will be a free app but only work for users that have upgraded to Signal Spy Pro.

Check out our news post HERE for the links to join the public beta and download Fialer.

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