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FULL RELEASE! - News / News - Fialer

Mar 9 2020


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It's been a minute, but we're back with some updates to make your Fialer experience even better!

Need a Fialer refresher? Click here to read our post last fall:


For those of you downloading Fialer for the first time, you'll see a tutorial introducing you to the app and its different functions. Already have Fialer and are interested in the tutorial? Head to the Support page to launch the tutorial.

Now you can see to which cell network you're connected right on the home screen!

European users can now switch to the cell network Three!

And the pièce de résistance: Tasker and Automate integrations will allow you to execute dialer codes in the background! Do you want to be on T-Mobile at work but Sprint at home? Do you want to be on US Cellular in the morning but on Auto during the evenings? All this is possible now! These integrations allow you to have more control over when the app will switch your network or run a repair code or whatever else you want! (We would love to work with experts in Tasker and Automate to help write our knowledge base articles for these integrations - do you know one or both of these apps really well?? Contact us at and let us know!)

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